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The mission of the EKC is to provide and promote the personal and individual growth, Jewish identity, values, and outstanding activities. Instruction led by trained &qualified staff, in a safe & stimulated, child-centered camping environment.

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Monongalia County Statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 366 square miles , of which 361 square mil.

About Monongalia County, WV

Map of Ohio, Monongalia, & Yohogania Counties circa 1776. Monongalia County is in magenta. Monongalia County takes its name from the Monongahela River . The name Monongalia may be a misspelling of Monongahela. Alternatively, the conventional Latinate ending "-ia" may have been added to Monongahela . Monongalia County was formed in 1776 when Virginia 's remote District of West Augusta was divided into three counties: Ohio , Yohogania and Monongalia, all named for their most prominent rivers. Ohio County then encompassed most of the western region of the district bordering the Ohio River , including parts of what is now southwestern Pennsylvania . Yohogania County consisted of much of what is now southwestern Pennsylvania and the present counties of Hancock and the northern part of Brooke in West Virginia. Monongalia County encompassed what are now the counties of Tucker , Randolph , Harrison and Barbour in north-central West Virginia, as well as parts of what are now Washington , Greene and Fayette Counties in Pennsylvania. In 1780, in his Notes on the State of Virginia , Thomas Jefferson gave the militia enrollment of what was then the vast Monongalia County at 1,000 troops. This section requires expansion .

Monongalia County, WV Summer Camps

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