I was searching online for "summer camps" and loved your directory's look. I stopped and found several great camp options on your site. - Mary Three Irons
A friend recommended me to go to SummerCampsUS.com. It was the easiest search for camps ever! - Jane K (New York)
Hi, I was looking for camps in my area that my teens can stay for a few days and found your site. I was able to find many camp options. Thank you for your help. - Melissa

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How Children Benefit From Summer Camp Experiences

Going to summer camp is a rite of passage for most children. Children of many different ages enjoy attending a summer camp. There are many different types of camps to choose from. Camps offer a variety of activities that leave children wanting to come back again and again. Children from all socio economical families like having a camping experience. Whether a child is from a wealthy family, a middle class family or a poor family, camping is enjoyed universally.