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Barbour County Statistics

View of Philippi , county seat of Barbour County, West Virginia, USA. Visible are the historic Philippi Covered Bridge s.

About Barbour County, WV

Barbour County is a county located in north-central West Virginia , USA. It was formed in 1843 when the region was still part of the state of Virginia . Philippi , the county seat , was chartered in 1844. Both county and city were named for Philip Pendleton Barbour , a U.S. Congressman from Virginia and Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court . The Battle of Philippi , also known as the "Philippi Races", was fought in Barbour County on June 3, 1861. Although a minor action, it is generally considered the first land engagement of the American Civil War . Alderson-Broaddus College , an American Baptist institution, is located in the county. The College's Physician Assistant program is one of the oldest and best established in the world. As of the 2010 census , the population was 16,589.

Settlement and formation The first white settlement in present-day Barbour County was established in 1780 by Richard Talbott — along with his brother Cotteral and sister Charity — about three miles downriver from the future site of Philippi. At this time the region was still a part of Monongalia County , Virginia. The region had had no permanent Indian settlements and so conflicts with Native Americans were relatively infrequent in the early days. Nevertheless, the Talbotts were obliged to leave their homestead several times for...

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