The Prerequisites for Overnight Summer Camps

Summer holidays are here and you are on a lookout for the best summer camp for your kid. After a lot of research, you have finalised on one. Now you have to start packing. Taking the right stuff and the right amount is very essential. Do not fill your kid’s backpack with thing s that could increase his burden.


Written below are the important things that will be needed by your child at overnight summer camps:

  • Sturdy and large trunks to hold all their stuff.
  • Most of the time campers tend to sleep on the ground. Hence they will require sleeping bags which have to be light-weight, so that they could be carried about easily. Along with it, bedsheets, blankets and pillows will also be required.
  • Apart from the normal soap, hand sanitizer and creams, they will also need sun protection lotions and mosquitoes and bugs repellents.
  • Other camp gear like water bottles, flashlights, handy fans and camp chairs could be added to the camping list.
  • The kind of clothes to be taken is very essential. Your child will need tops, bottoms, caps, jackets, gloves, sleepwear, undergarments and socks for his camp stay. Make sure that sufficient clothes have been given. In the rainy season, add clothes that will prevent your child from getting wet.
  • The kind of footwear will depend on the place your kid is going camping. Also the weather will decide the type of shoes that he wears. Generally he can carry shoes, trekking shoes and slippers along with him.
  • Adding games and books to his collection will always keep him busy.

These are the essential things to be carried to a camp. Always get a detailed list from the websites of various summer camps before packing.