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Lake Wales, FL 33853

Inclusive recreational programs for campers of varing abilities ages 5-15, and specially designed/adapted programs for older campers challenged by a disability.


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About Polk County, FL

Polk County is a county located in the U.S. state of Florida . Its 2010 population was 602,095. Its county seat is Bartow and its largest city is Lakeland . Polk County is coextensive with the Lakeland-Winter Haven, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area . Located in central Florida along the I-4 Corridor , Polk, along with the counties to the west, is sometimes considered a part of the Tampa Bay Area . However, some of its eastern communities have closer ties to the Greater Orlando metropolitan area. The center of population of Florida is located in the city of Lake Wales .

US President James Knox Polk The first people to call Polk County home arrived close to 12,000 years ago during the last ice age as the first paleo-indians arrived on the peninsula of Florida as they followed big game southward. By this time, the peninsula had gone through several expansions and contractions; at times the peninsula was much wider than it is today, while at other times it was almost entirely submerged with only a few small islands above sea level. These first paleo-indians were nomadic hunter/gatherers who did not establish any permanent settlers and they eventually gave way to the "archaic people" who were the ancestors of the Indians who came in contact with the Spaniards when they arrived on the peninsula....

Polk County, FL Summer Camps

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Teen Leadership Aug. 14-16, 2015 - Blue Jay, CA
This is one of the most amazing experiences your teen will ever have to be a part of. They will embark upon an adventure in their own personal growth as well as enhance their awareness and leadership ability. The program is specifically designed to take them out of their comfort zone and into truly living at their full potential. This is not a program designed to "fix" teens. This program embraces the power and unique abilities of each teen to empower them to live ALL IN, so that they are more prepared for college and careers. Please call 949.706.5333 for registration and information.