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San Juan County Statistics

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 388.29 square miles , of which 387.42 square miles is land.

About San Juan County, CO

San Juan County is the least populous of the 64 counties of the state of Colorado in the United States . The county name is the Spanish language name for “ Saint John ”, the name Spanish explorers gave to a river and the mountain range in the area. The county population was 699 at 2010 census . The county seat and the only municipality in the county is Silverton .

Mining operators in the San Juan mountain area of Colorado formed the San Juan District Mining Association in 1903, as a direct result of a Western Federation of Miners proposal to the Telluride Mining Association for the eight hour day , which had been approved in a referendum by 72 percent of Colorado voters . The new association consolidated the power of thirty-six mining properties in San Miguel , Ouray , and San Juan counties. The SJDMA refused to consider any reduction in hours or increase in wages, helping to provoke a bitter strike.

San Juan County, CO Summer Camps

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