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Camp Kids Inc
Fresno, CA 93720  
Aquatic Activities, Arts and Crafts
River Way Ranch Camp
Sanger, CA 93657  
Aquatic Activities, Arts and Crafts
Camp Chickasaw
Fresno, CA  
Religious Camps: Christian
Hume Lake Christian Camps Inc
Fresno, CA  
Religious Camps: Christian
Kids Bridge Day Camp
Fresno, CA  
Traditional Camps

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About Clovis, CA

Clovis is a city in Fresno County, California, United States, northeast of Fresno. The population is estimated to be 97,218 as of September, 2011. Clovis is located 6.5 miles northeast of downtown Fresno, at an elevation of 361 feet . It's also the hometown of Glee star Chris Colfer, and is rumored to be the inspiration of the town in the movie Struck by Lightning. The city of Clovis began as a freight stop along the San Joaquin Valley Railroad. Organized on January 15, 1890 by Fresno businessmen Thomas E. Hughes, Fulton Berry, Gilbert R. Osmun, H.D. Colson, John D. Gray, and William M. Williams, in partnership with Michigan railroad speculator Marcus Pollasky, the SJVRR began construction in Fresno on July 4, 1891 and reached the farmlands of Clovis Cole and George Owen by October of that year. The railroad purchased right-of-way from both farmers, half from each - the east side from Cole and the west side from Owen - and ran tracks up the borderline between the two properties. The railroad agreed to establish a station on the west side of the tracks and to call it "Clovis". It may be worth noting that the Clovis station, after which the town was named, was positioned on the Owen side of the track. Cole and Owen later sold land to the person of Marcus Pollasky for...

CORE4Kids/Dualies Glamis North Ride/Camp Fundraiser - Niland, CA
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation fundraiser. Cabins, RV Spots, Covered Wagons, Restaurant, Store, natural hot spring swimming pools and miles of trails for all abilities. Green sticker OK, ATVs, SxS, 4WD are all good with lots to ride & do. Very family friendly. Click event photo for details.