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Dec 08

Special Needs Summer Camps

Posted by David Gold in specialty campsspecial needs summer campsspecial needs

Children with special needs often have a feeling of being left out in the summer when they see other kids joining the summer camps. However, good news is several summer camps have identified this problem and have come out with special arrangements that are directed to cater their need. The following are some important points that you should remember while searching summer camps for children with special needs.

Counselor’s Experience

It is mandatory for the counselors of the summer camp to have some experience for dealing with the behavioral disorders of the children. Knowledge of the counselor is essential in handling the situation without causing further difficulty to the child. One way of verifying the knowledge and experience of the summer camp counselors is by making a surprise visit before the camp day. A direct interaction with them will help you to take the final decision.

Food allergy Arrangements

Children with special needs are often diagnosed with rare types of food allergies. You need to check whether the camp authorities are well equipped for tackling an emergency situation arising out of food allergies. Talk with the authorities, and make it absolutely certain that your kid never gets close to those food items.

The Size of the Camp

This is an important factor if your kid does not enjoy being in the company of a large group. A child needs a place where he/she feels absolutely comfortable and safe. The camp must provide that space for your child. If the size of the camp is big with many kids, request the authorities to divide it into smaller sections. Also ensure that the camp maintains a proper counselor to camper ratio.

The summer camps can turn out to be a happy experience for the kid with your little awareness.