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Jan 16

2012 Camps Recommendations for First Timers and Regular Campers

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A few years earlier camps meant fun and enjoyment. But with times the activities in camps have also undergone a huge change. There are a variety of activities that are conducted in different kinds of camps. The 2012 camps recommendations are as follows:

  • Tour and travel camps: These camps provide children the opportunity to travel across different states and even countries. There children understand the different cultures, traditions and languages of these lands.Close
  • Academic camps: These camps use the concept of fun learning while educating the children on science, maths and languages.
  • Technology camps: These camps are for tech savvy children. Here, they are taught computer skills, robotics, etc. Children learn to experiment with things and learn them.
  • Sports camps: These camps are for kids who love outdoor sports. Every camp caters to a different sport. It could be basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. These camps are a memorable experience for new campers and with years they become a part of their lives.