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Taylor County Statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 176 square miles , of which 173 square mil.

About Taylor County, WV

Taylor County is a county located in the U.S. state of West Virginia . As of the 2010 census , the population was 16,895. Its county seat is Grafton . Named for Sen. John Taylor of Caroline , it was formed in 1844. Taylor County is part of the Clarksburg, WV Micropolitan Statistical Area .

This area was populated by the Adena culture in the Pre-Columbian Woodland period of the Native Americans in the United States . Some of the first Europeans to visit the area are thought to have been British Army deserters from Fort Pitt , who reportedly fled their post in 1761 during the French and Indian War and roamed northwestern Virginia for several years thereafter. A European trader with the Hudson's Bay Company reportedly set foot in these lands as early as 1764 . Pruntytown is the oldest remaining town in present-day Taylor County. Initially known as Cross Roads, Pruntytown was renamed Williamsport in honor of Abraham Williams, a long time resident, on January 1 , 1801 . The name was changed to honor pioneer resident John Prunty on January 23 , 1845 . The town served as the county seat of government from the county's founding in 1844 until a county election in 1878 moved that honor to Grafton, West Virginia . The county was established by the Virginia General Assembly...

Taylor County, WV Summer Camps

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