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Adams County Statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 689 square miles , of which 648 square miles is lan.

About Adams County, WI

Adams County is a county in the U.S. state of Wisconsin . Sources differ as to whether its name is in honor of the second President of the United States , John Adams , or his son, the sixth President, John Quincy Adams . As of 2000, the population of Adams County was 18,643. Its county seat is Friendship .

The area covered by present-day Adams County was historically part of several other counties. In 1840, when Wisconsin was still a territory, Adams County was the southwestern section of Brown County . In 1836, Portage County was created and included most of present day Columbia County , including the city of Portage, Wisconsin . In 1846, Portage County was renamed Columbia County. The area from the northern boundary of Columbia County to Lake Superior was removed from Brown County and was then called Portage County. In 1848, the southern part of Portage County was renamed Adams County and included all of current-day Adams County and the northern section of Juneau County. In 1858, The northwestern part of Adams County was joined with the northern part of Sauk County to form present-day Juneau County. At this time, Adams County took its current shape. Friendship was founded by settlers coming from Friendship, New York . Today, Adams is the largest community in Adams County, but this was not always so. In...

Adams County, WI Summer Camps

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