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Edgefield County Statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 507 square miles , of which 502 square miles is lan.

About Edgefield County, SC

Edgefield County is a county located in the U.S. state of South Carolina . As of the 2010 census , its population was 26,985. Its county seat is Edgefield . Edgefield County is part of the Augusta, Georgia metropolitan area .

The origin of the name Edgefield is unclear; the South Carolina State Library's information on the county's history suggests that the name "is usually described as 'fanciful.'" There is a village named Edgefield in Norfolk , England. Edgefield District was created in 1785. It was formed from the southern section of the former Ninety-Six District when it was divided into smaller districts or counties by an act of the state legislature . Parts of the district were later used in the formation of other neighboring counties, specifically: Aiken in 1871; Saluda in 1895; Greenwood in 1897; and, McCormick in 1916. In his study of Edgefield County, South Carolina, Orville Vernon Burton classified white society into the poor, the yeoman middle class, and the elite. A clear line demarcated the elite, but according to Burton, the line between poor and yeoman was never very distinct. Stephanie McCurry argues, yeomen were clearly distinguished from poor whites by their ownership of land . Edgefield's yeomen farmers were "self-working farmers," distinct from the elite because they worked their land themselves alongside any slaves they owned. Ownership of large numbers of slaves made the work of planters completely managerial.

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