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Shelby County Statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 411 square miles .409 square miles of it is la.

About Shelby County, OH

Shelby County is a county located in the state of Ohio , United States . As of the 2010 census , the population was 49,423. Its name honors Isaac Shelby , former governor of Kentucky . Its county seat is Sidney . The Sidney Micropolitan Statistical Area includes all of Shelby County.

The Algonquian -speaking Shawnee Native Americans had come into the area in the 18th century, displacing the Ojibwa -speaking Ottawa of the Anishinaabeg , a related language group who moved northwest. The Shawnee were joined by the Iroquois , Seneca and Mingo peoples as well, displaced by colonial encroachment to the east. In 1792 the European-American pioneer John Hardin was killed by the Shawnee in Shelby County. Early settlers named the first county seat of Hardin after him. Shelby County was created in 1819 from Miami County. For many years it contained Minster, New Bremen, etc.; these were included in Auglaize County when it was created from Shelby and Allen counties . In 1846, a group of 383 free blacks from Virginia, called the "Randolph Slaves", settled in the county, most at Rumley. They had been freed by the 1833 will of the Virginia planter John Randolph of Roanoke . He provided money for their transportation and resettlement on land in a free state . Their gaining freedom was delayed by court challenges,...

Shelby County, OH Summer Camps

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