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Perry County Statistics

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 484.28 square miles , of which 474.67 square miles is land.

About Perry County, MO

Perry County is a county located in Southeast Missouri in the United States . As of the 2000 U.S. Census , the county's population was 18,132. In 2008 the population was estimated to be 18,743. Its county seat is Perryville . The county was officially organized on November 16, 1820 from Ste. Genevieve County and was named after Oliver Hazard Perry , a naval hero of the War of 1812 .

Shaped like a camel's hump, Perry County consists of 471 square miles that fit neatly into a wedge created by the confluence of Apple Creek and the Mississippi River . Topographically, it is divided into lowlands and uplands. The lowlands comprise about one-eighth of the county and lie for the most part along the river. In the northeastern corner is the Bois Brule Bottom, meaning Burnt Wood, the most extensive tract of lowland, approximately 15 miles long and up to 5 miles wide. Its rich soil, coupled with its size, makes it the most productive farmland in the county. Smaller in size but still important is the Brazeau Bottom on the Mississippi River below Cape Cinque Hommes and the bottom situated near the mouth of Apple Creek. The Uplands constitutes the largest part of the county and its topography varies greatly. The best parts of it are in the central area where the soil...

Perry County, MO Summer Camps

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