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About Methuen, MA

Methuen is a city in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 43,789 at the 2000 census. Methuen was first settled in 1642 and was officially incorporated in 1726; it is named for the British diplomat Sir Paul Methuen. Methuen was originally part of Haverhill, Massachusetts. In 1724 Stephen Barker and others in the western part of that town petitioned the General Court to grant them permission to form a new town above Hawke’s Meadow Brook. Although opposed by their fellow townsmen the petition was approved the following year and the General Court gave them an act of incorporation under the name of Methuen.

60 DAY FUNDRAISER now thru 1/28 - World Class Drum Studio for Kids and CHECK OUT THE VIDEO - [Developing a state of the art teaching facility for drummers, musicians and percussion ensembles] Hello, I'm Kevin Dean. I live for music. Everywhere I turn opportunities present themselves to me and I make fast decisions because things happen fast in the entertainment business. I recently learned that the business that currently houses my teaching studio is moving their enterprise to a new facility and selling the building. Soon. Therefore, I am being pro-active, now. Change is good. I need a change too. As it stands, my career and student base are growing, but my studio space is not. In order to do more amazing things for my students and the community, I started a search for a bigger, better, more creatively inviting space. Coincidentally, a like-minded creative thinker is expanding our local arts community with a vision of making our city a better place to live, by renovating an old building called the Gear Factory. I want in on the ground floor (basement floor actually) of this new opportunity. For the future of this endeavor, In addition to my private lessons, I want to offer - 1) Parent/child lessons so DAD and SON and/or MOM and DAUGHTER etc. can learn and grow together musically and intellectually. 2) Group lessons for several drummers (anywhere from 5 to 15 players), 3) Coaching sessions for high school percussion sections, ensembles, and marching band drum lines, 4) My continued services to volunteer for physically and mentally challenged individuals by inviting them to a new spacious, professional atmosphere instead of going on location. 5) 24 hour access facility with no noise constraints for band rehearsals and recording sessions (I'm in four projects at this time) 6) opportunities to sublet my studio to drum teachers, piano teachers, music teachers and musicians who are in need of space...