Kula, HI Summer Camps

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Adventures On Horseback
Makawao, HI  
Sports Camps: Equestrian and Horseback
Maui Surfer Girls
Puunene, HI  
Adventure Camps: Assorted Adventures
Makena Resort Junior Tennis Camp
Kihei, HI  
Sports Camps: Tennis
Woohawaii Summer Empowerment Day Camp
Kihei, HI  
Academic and Pre-College Camps: Literature

Summer Camps in Kula, HI

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About Kula, HI

Kula is a district of Maui, Hawaii that stretches across the "up-country", the western-facing slopes of Haleakalā, from Makawao to Ulupalakua. Most of the residential areas lie between about 500 to 1,100 m in elevation. The district has traditionally been where full-time residents prefer to live, as distinct from the generally hotter and busier tourist town near sea level such as Kihei and Lahaina.