Tips for Finding Scholarships and Grants for Summer Camps

Tips for Finding Scholarships and Grants for Summer CampsThere are many different types of camps that parents can send their children to in the summertime. Although most camps offer scholarships to help with camping fees, some offer more assistance than others. Parents will need to do some research in order to find out what camp is right for their child. Once this is determined, you can ask what options there are for financial assistance.

Church camps are usually committed to help children attend a summer camp as much as possible. Many church groups will sponsor one or more children, and allow them to attend a summer camp at no cost. Applications for these types of scholarships can be obtained from the church youth director or the pastor of your local church. Other churches may ask children to participate in fund raising campaigns in order to help pay for their camping expenses. The proceeds of these sales are used for children to attend a camp.

Summer music or band camps also offer scholarships for students with a financial need. Application for music camps can be obtained through your private or public school system, music teachers, music stores or applications can be found online. If you are asking for financial aid, be prepared to answer question relating to your finances. For example, you may be asked if you have ever requested financial aid for summer camp attendance in previous years. Typically, they will ask what amount you can afford to pay toward the tuition. Also, how much you are asking them to pay. Additional information they will ask is for the parent’s annual salary, and any other sources of income such as disability, pensions or Veteran’s payments. This information is then used to see if you qualify for financial assistance.

Camps for children with disabilities also offer financial aid. There are camps for all sorts of illness or disabilities that children may have. For example, there are camps for children with emotional problems, diabetes, asthma, heart conditions and learning disorders, to name a few. The American Heart and Lung Association is just one of many organizations that sponsor children so they can go to a camp. Check with an association, related to your child's illness, for specific details.

No matter what type of camp you are looking for, there are usually scholarships available to help with financial aid. You will be required to answer questions about your personal finances to see if your child is eligible for a partial or a full scholarship to help pay for a camp. Asking for an application is the first step toward sending your child on a summer camp that could impact their life in a positive way.

The following are examples of scholarships and grants that are available, and where to download an application for the camps:

  • Children with disabilities, such as autism, can apply for Summer Camp Grants. The Baker Summer Camp Grant is awarded to applicants across the country. Application or apply on line at:
  • Likewise, children with any type of disability can apply for scholarships too. Thousands of scholarships are available at
  • Scholarships are also available for students to attend a summer music camp. You can download an application or apply online at:
  • Lastly, Grants for not-for profit organizations, such as churches, are also available. These can be found be going to the following site: