Summer Camp Activities That Kids Love

The Summer Camps offer an enthusiastic environment to develop the individuality and self confidence in the kids. Kids enjoy interacting with other kids of the same age and love making new friends. The camp activities include both adventurous as well as creative sessions. Usually, the summer camps are one to two weeks in duration.

The Overnight Summer Camps supply accommodations with food. The Summer Camp activities include young girls & boys, teens and even families.

Camp activities are carried out under the guidance of trained instructors. To explore nature, outdoor trips are designed. Mountain hiking, low ropes, rock climbing are some of the other outdoor adventure activities. These activities grow endurance of the campers. Activities like horseback riding, the campers get to select their own horses. Courts for activities like football, basketball, volleyball, archery, tennis, fencing and golf are provided in the camp itself.

Waterfront activities are an integral part of a camp. Activities like swimming, waterskiing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing etc are quite popular. There is the white water paddling for the kids and newcomers.

The Summer Camps does include creative endeavors. Exposure to latent skills and exercising their imagination is what is taught here. Activities like pottery, sculpture, painting, beadwork, calligraphy, sketching and mask making are included in the Craft programs. Table manners, cooking and serving food are challenging experience for the kids. Drama, dance and music sessions cultivate a liking for performing arts. They are also encouraged to do creative writings.

The nights are mostly spent around the campfires, where everyone gathers to know each other and form bonds of lasting friendships. Birthday or any other special occasions are celebrated during this time. The kids perform evening events like dance, skits, singing and other performances. Some of the other special activities in the Summer Camps are star gazing, magic and kite flying. The surprise service of guest artists is always there in almost every Camp.

The Summer Camp activities are planned so as to suit the age of the kids group and the duration of the camp for maximum delight.