Choosing the Perfect Summer Camp for Your Child

Do you think that your child is ready for a summer camp? If your answer is “Yes”, then the hardest work to be done now is to choose that perfect Summer Camp for your child. Here is some important information which will help parents make a well-informed choice. Make sure to focus on the child's needs and desires.

Ask your child what he expects to learn from the camp, or is the child interested in something special. Is there is any physical, intellectual or social need that you should consider, or is your child ready for a sleep away event? The answers to these questions will provide you a good idea as what sort of camp should you choose.

Most overnight camps have both boys and girls together; however there are some Brother/ Sister Camp which have the facilities a little away from each other. In most cases the waterfront and dining hall are common.

The nonprofit Camps are less expensive than the private sleep away Camps. However, if you consider the combined cost of entertainment, food and childcare for all of the summer ,this might be a good deal.

A Summer Camp can range from one week to all of summer. The price of the camp depends on the number of days involved. It can be anywhere from $400-$9,000.

The activities are actually the meat of a Summer Camp. Here is a list of activities that are commonly offered at Summer Camps:

  • Sports: All sorts of team sports are played and encouraged like the basketball, baseball, soccer, fishing, gymnastic, aerobics and also kayaking and canoeing.
  • Adventure: The pack of adventure include rope courses, camp crafts, backpacking, rafting, rock climbing.
  • Arts: The children are taught basketry, drawing, leatherwork, metalwork, crafts and painting, writing, acting, ballet, music, dance and many more.
  • Science: Geology, biology, farming, nature, ecology, computing, archaeology, etc.
  • Education: The children are taught Foreign Languages, academic enrichment, SAT Prep, etc.

So if you find a Summer Camp that has some of these activities and if these excites your child, make sure you send your child for a Summer Camp this time.