Checklist of Essential in a Summer Camp

Are you planning a trip to a Summer Camp? However, before you head to your campsite, make sure you have your camping checklist ready with you. You can use the list every time while you get ready for your adventure. There are several items which you might need and the first thing to do is categorizing them.

You will need the basic camping items like a good-quality sleeping bag and pillow. An air mattress or a pad for under sleeping bag and an emergency blanket can to be a savior at chilly nights. One of the important must haves are the first aid kit with products for blister treatment. Lots of sunscreen, wet wipes, personal care items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush. Insect repellent is also a must have.

In case you or any of your fellow members are on regular medication, always keep it with you. Remember to keep the medicine at a quick reach place, so that you can grab it quickly in case of an emergency.

Although some summer camps provide food and snacks, some do not. Therefore remember to keep enough food in ice packs or insulated lunch boxes. Include disposable cutlery, can/bottle opener, portable grill, paper towels, napkins and trash bags for sure.

Include several flashlights with plenty of extra batteries. Lighting is very important in camps, especially for children. If possible get the water-resistant flashlights. Kids also enjoy glow sticks.

For the sleep away camp programs, you will need lots of extra clothing, since you might not get a chance to do laundry. Pack at least 10 or more pairs of socks and underwear. Keep one t-shirt and a pair of shorts for each day of the camp. You need to keep one of your fleeces, two pairs of full pants, pajamas and some t-shirts.

A little planning in advance will make your trip to the camp much safer and more enjoyable. You can use this checklist over and over for any future camping projects.