Apply for a Variety of Financial Aid Options for Summer Camps

Apply for a Variety of Financial Aid Options for Summer CampsDo you have a son or daughter who wants to go to a summer camp? Are you frustrated because your family can't afford to send them? The good news is there are options for financial assistance to make your child's camping wishes come true. Most camps offer financial aid for families who are on a limited budget.

One important fact to keep in mind is to make sure you apply for assistance as early as possible. Most camps have limited scholarships. Once the financial assistance is spoken for, there are no additional funds left.

You will need to provide your family's financial information when you apply for assistance. Be prepared to know how much your family earns on a yearly basis. Some camp scholarship applications will ask you to include a written letter from your child. They may require that your child explains why they want to go camping. This assures them that the child has a desire to go to a summer camp. Even if the application does not require a letter, you may want to include one anyway. It may be the difference in getting a scholarship or not. After all, if the camp is going to provide free money, they want to be sure the kids who are awarded a scholarship really want a camping experience.

Some camps offer financial assistance for the entire cost of the camp. Other camps may offer partial coverage for camp fees. Keep in mind that just because your child qualifies for financial assistance to attend a camp one year, that doesn't mean they will qualify every year thereafter. You will need to reapply each year.

Work grants are another possibe way to help your child earn their way for camping. With a work grant the child and/or parents may work at the camp for one week in exchange for free tuition. A work grant helps the camp, because they do not have to hire and pay additional staff. This type of arrangement helps both the camp and families. There is a variety of work that families can apply for. They may choose to cook, do maintenance, lead a craft or make props for skits. If you have a specific skill that can be taught and enjoyed by campers, you may be able to design your own job. A unique experience can be attractive to a camp, because it sets them apart from other summer camps.

Do not let finances stop your child from enjoying a camping experience. There are a variety of ways that funds can be accessed in order to provide camping opportunities to all children. A summer camping experience is a great gift to give your child.

Here is a list of few organizations providing financial aid:

  • Interlochen Summer Arts Camp (Interlochen Center for the Arts) - providing financial aid to approximately 25% of its campers. Address: 4000 Highway M-137, Interlochen, MI 49643. Phone: 800.681.5912. More Information >
  • Duke University Summer Programs - offering the opportunity for you to receive institutional financial aid for up to two summer terms. Address: 2127 Campus Drive Annex, Box 90397 Durham, NC 27708. Phone: (919) 684-6225. More Information >
  • Camp JCA Shalom - offering a wide variety of financial assistance programs to our camp families. Greater Los Angeles Area. Phone: (818) 889-5500. More Information >

We'll be updating the above list regularly but do your own research online or contact camps directly.