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About Hilo, HI

Hilo is the largest census-designated place and the largest settlement on the Island of Hawaiʻi, also known as the County of Hawaiʻi. The population was 40,759 at the 2000 census. The population increased by 6.1% to 43,263 at the 2010 census. Tiki statues in front of traditional Hawaiian hale . Tourist attraction, 1959 The Hilo Japanese Immigrants' Assembly Hall; built in 1889, located in Meiji Mura museum, Japan The districts of Hawaiʻi. From northernmost, clockwise; North and South Kohala, Hāmākua, North and South Hilo , Puna, Kaʻū, North and South Kona. Although archaeological evidence is scant, oral history has many references to people living in Hilo, along the Wailuku and Wailoa Rivers during the time of ancient Hawaii.

Kamehameha I

After Kamehameha gained control of Moku O Keawe , Kamehameha celebrated the Makahiki in Hilo in 1794. The village and area of Hilo was named by Kamehameha after a special braid that was used to secure his canoe. Hilo in Hawaiian means to twist. Kamehameha’s son, Liholiho was born in Hilo . Kamehameha’s great war fleet, Peleleu, that was instrumental in Kamehameha’s conquest, was built and based at Hilo . After uniting all of the islands under his rule, Hilo became Kamehameha’s first seat of government. It was in Hilo that Kamehameha established his greatest law, the Kānāwai Māmalahoe . One of Kamehameha’s...