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Science Adventures - Washington Park Pavillions
Groton, CT  
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Day Camp
Academic and Pre-College Camps: Animals

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About Groton, CT

Groton /ˈɡrɒtən/ is a town located on the Thames River in New London County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 39,907 at the 2000 census. ‹ Whether to make the |reason= mandatory for the {{cleanup}} template is being discussed. See the request for comment to help reach a consensus.› Groton Monument and Fort Griswold, a sketch by John Warner Barber for his Historical Collections of Connecticut Groton, Connecticut was established in 1705 when it made its separation from New London, Connecticut. Over the years Groton has become a very populated city with numerous monuments that makes it one of the most historical cities in the area. Many tourists come from all over to view Groton. Groton has become a very popular town especially with all its attractions. People are mainly attracted to Groton because of General Dynamics branch of Electric Boat, its history with the Revolutionary War, battle memorials and Fort Griswold. Groton is the home of General Dynamic's Electric Boat Division, which has been supplying the Navy with submersibles since 1899. Electric Boat employs thousands in the Groton/New London area, but since the end of the Cold War, has suffered through many layoffs. The Old Mystic Baptist Church which was founded in Groton, Connecticut was the first Baptist Church in Connecticut.

The beginning

A hundred years before the town was established, the Nehantic Indians were settled...