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Champions Science Adventures- Willow Grove Elem
Buffalo Grove, IL  

Champions Science Adventures Summer Day Camps engage children in action-packed science fun!...

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Day Camp
Academic and Pre-College Camps: Gifted

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About Buffalo Grove, IL

Buffalo Grove is an affluent village located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and in Cook and Lake counties in Illinois, United States. The town was named for Buffalo Creek, which was itself named for bison bones found in the area. Illinois became a state in 1818. The Buffalo Grove area was opened for settlement after the Treaty of Chicago where the United Nation of Ojibwe, Ottawa and Potawatomi ceded their Illinois lands to the United States. During the 1830's, the area saw its first settlers, mostly land speculators. By the 1840's, they sold their land to German Catholic dairy farmers; it is believed that either Melchior Raupp or Jacob Weidner were the founders of the community. Eventually, other families came to the area and they formed a close community. The settlers built the first St. Mary's Church in 1852 and St. Mary's School in 1855. However, both eventually burned to the ground. By 1869, they were rebuilt, and a small downtown formed with the addition of the Weidner General Store and the Firnbach Tavern, built in 1899. The tavern still stands today and houses a Lou Malnati's Pizzeria. The origin of the name "Buffalo Grove" is uncertain, but the traditional account is: "When the English, French, and Pottawatomi Indians were ranging through northeastern Illinois, so were the buffalo. The buffalo left the Wheeling woods in the morning...