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Dec 06

Nature Study Summer Camps

Posted by David Gold in specialty campsnature study summer camps

Today’s city based life providing mechanical facilities and artificial entertainment hardly offers the privilege to interact closely with nature. So, if you want your kid to experience nature closely, then nature study summer camps can provide you the right opportunity.

A nature study summer camp may offer outdoor activities like animal tracking , studying salt water or fresh water or land ecosystem , Weather and climate study , Chemistry and Physics , Geology and Paleontology , Plant exploration , learning through gardening ,Fish or bird study , Mammal Explorations ,Amphibians and Reptiles Study and many other interesting subjects. Depending on the camp location and campers age group such activities are planned, e.g. a summer camp located by a lake or river side will encourage salt / fresh water ecosystem study or knowing different types of fishes / reptiles, whereas, camp located on hilly area or plain land or in a farm house will offer kids to explore different tree and plant groups, bird watch or gardening experience.

Many camps keep on experimenting and inventing new study methods like preparing Science and Nature kits to enable students to gain hands-on experience in different subjects.

Few such kits are:

  • Tree ring discovery kit – which shows you the way to calculate the age of a tree and study its other characteristics as well as its adaptation to climate changes.
  • Animal Tracking discovery kit – to study structure and use of tracks in order to identify species and their behavior
  • Leaf Printing Discovery kit – to study leaf anatomy with beautiful leaf prints.

Nature study summer camps are not only interesting and enriching with their unique outdoor activities but encourage kids to interact closely with nature and appreciate her beauty too.