Arnold, MO Summer Camps

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Camp Jump Start
Imperial, MO 63052  
Aerobics/Exercise, Bicycling/Biking, Canoeing, Caving, Challenge/Rope
Living Well Village
Imperial, MO 63052  
Aerobics/Exercise, Archery, Bicycling/Biking, Canoeing, Challenge/Rope
Anheuser-busch Conference & Sports Centre
Fenton, MO  
Traditional Camps

Summer Camps in Arnold, MO

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About Arnold, MO

Arnold is the largest city in Jefferson County, Missouri, United States. The population was estimated to be 20,603 in 2008, slightly more than the 19,965 number reported in the 2000 census. The first European settler in Arnold was Jean Baptiste Gamache, who operated a ferry boat across the Meramec River in exchange for 1050 arpents of land granted by the King of Spain. This ferry was on the King's Trace or El Camino Real, , from St. Louis, Missouri, to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.